Schedule of events for 2022
Dates:                                   Description                      
April 16th                         Ran
April 30th                          Ran
May 14th                           Ran     Story                                              
May 28th              GRSS    Ran  Story                                                      
June 11th                            ran     Story
June 25th        AMA D17 Stadium Bonus pts  ran Story                       
July 23rd          Megacross Bonus (10) this round ran
August 6th          GRSS    ran  story
August 20th       Video  ran
Sept 3rd    AMA District 17 Bonus Points ran
 Location: Fox valley off road.  ran
Sept 10th        MX racing at Fox Valley Off Road GRSS
Sept 11th  AMA District 17 State
Motocross Championship @FVOR.     =================================================    
Sept 17th         The 23 Challenge. Pro AM,  Double Megacross pts final champ race. This will be our Third annual 23 Challenge Pro AM!  We hope Chase can make it!! Once we know you will!
13 events.  Best 10  count.  All Bonus always counts. State Championship will have AMA Number plates!
IF it rains and we can't run our SX program outside, we will move it inside. (does not apply to mx) We are the only series at this point to be able to do this nationwide.

 Megacross Shootout Series

               KTM and Husqvarna Contingency at all 2022 events.

Home of the winter "Traxs Series"!   Who said winter time has to be dull and boring.  Get your race on inside and stay sharp!
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