Contact Information.
The best way to make sure you can get to us is to use Email.  We answer our phone,  but once weather breaks we are outside more then not.  We will call you back, but can't guarantee if it's quick as email.
If you really want real time up to date information on race day sign up for our text blast.  We don't share  any information ever! But race day info on your phone when you need it most.

Contact Information for Megacross Shootout Series.

Phone 815.539.9021 (this is also our home phone number)

E-Mail us at: wardy  (remove space after "wardy")

Sign up for our text blast: To do this simply send us an email with your cell phone number and cell service provider. We will never send you a text at an inappropriate time and we won't flood you with useless blasts. Just information on race day time stamped in real time.